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Senior Full Stack Developer

At Valispace we are developing a software where engineering teams can do calculations and analyses when building rockets, airplanes, satellites, cars and other complex hardware as well as track the evolution of their design over time. We have one simple mission: to empower engineers to faster craft the complex products that help propel humanity forward.

We are a diverse, kind, curious and ambitious team and take pride in working closely with companies that are building futuristic ideas that seem like magic to us today. That’s right, our users are taking people to space, building flying cars and much more!

If you like the idea of working in an environment that encourages creative and autonomous work, focuses on your growth potential and where there’s always room to discuss the quirks of living on this planet, then we might just be a perfect fit.

We are looking for a Senior Full-stack Developer to help us with the development of a system that supports decision making by managing, digesting and presenting the right data at the right time for our users. You will be building a solution for the challenges engineers face when developing modular hardware.

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You've probably heard this before, but research shows that while men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the criteria, women and further minority groups only feel comfortable applying when they meet 100% of the criteria. Let's change this together - if you believe you have what it takes, even though you do not meet 100% of our requirements, do send us your application! We are thrilled to get to know you better and understand if you could be a good fit 🧡